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Home Appliance Installation Service in San Jose, CA

Our company offers you a high quality appliances installation service in San Jose. You have purchased expensive household appliances. All instructions indicate that a specialist must connect complex devices. The specialists of our company will help to urgent install any household appliances 24/7, both built-in and conventional. What we connect:

  • washing installation
  • dishwasher installation
  • gas stove installation
  • electric stove installation
  • installation of an electric or gas built-in oven
  • installation of an electric or gas built-in hob
  • installation of an embedded microwave
  • quick installation of a built-in dishwasher
  • installation of a built-in washing machine
  • installation of a built-in refrigerator
  • installation of a cooker hood

In their work, our professional masters use knowledge, experience and modern tools. The technical solutions of our employees have been applied over many years of experience in the existence of the company in the consumer services market.

The qualification of the masters allows you to implement orders that involve complex variable connections. At the same time, professionals observe all measures to ensure the safety of work. Our employees will take into account the characteristics and specific models: Thermador, Viking, Samsung, LG, General Electric, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux.

Installation of household appliances and connect sophisticated equipment must be competently and have cheap price. Lack of proper connection can lead to damage to expensive equipment. Improper installation can even endanger the safety and health of the user of the equipment. In this case, the warranty periods from manufacturers are usually canceled if the equipment was not connected according to the rules, without observing the technical requirements specified in the accompanying documentation. Qualified technician of our company quickly solve all the problems that arise during the installation of equipment. Our employee will familiarize you with the instructions, advise on all issues related to the operation of the connected equipment.

Connections of large household appliances to the electrician. When installing built-in home appliances, our specialist inspects the place of operation and checks the laid electric cables.

Our experts will make a separate power supply for household appliances in my area, if necessary, prepare the walls for laying wires and make an expedient route for the new circuit. As a result, the kitchen built-in appliances will be installation where you need to, because the connector for the connection will be led to where it really is needed. The affordable cost appliances installation near me includes:

  • Installation of voltage stabilizers in the shield
  • Conclusion of individual outlets closer to modern appliances
  • Grounding or zeroing so your equipment is safe to use

Don’t try integrated appliances installation and electrical appliances with high electricity consumption yourself. As a result of improper connection and poor wiring, not only can your device burn out, electric shock, but also a short circuit will occur, need to water heater repair. Correct voltage distribution protects the power grid from overload and failure of individual devices, short circuit and burnout of outlets, wires.

Home Appliance Installation Service
High end appliance Installation near me

High end appliance Installation near me in San Jose, CA

Washing Machines Installation. The installation process of the washing machine in the apartment includes 2 stages: preparation and alignment. First, the master inspects the housing for damage that could interfere with installation and connection. Then it unscrews the transport bolts - there can be from 3 to 6 pieces. Installs stubs instead. Transport bolts are recommended to be stored - they will be useful when moving or transporting the washing machine. The master starts the second stage of installation after connection - the washing machine must be leveled. The smoother the floor, the easier it is. The floor in apartments is rarely ideally even, but a slight slope is not a problem, because there are regulator nuts on the legs of the washing machine, which are located below, directly under the locknuts. The master loosens the top nut and tightens the adjuster as necessary until it aligns the washing machine. For proper positioning, it uses a level. Aligning the appliance, tightens the locknuts again to lock in place. Quick and high end installation of washing machines at home takes our specialists a minimum of time.

Connection of washing machines. First, the master installs the inlet and drain hoses. At one end, they connect to the washing machine, and at the other end, to the water supply and sewage system, respectively. To connect hoses to utilities, special fittings are pre-installed. The master will bring all the necessary details with him. After that, the connection can be considered completed. The master aligns the casing by level, connects the network cable to the mains and checks the operation of the washing machine. Then draws up a warranty card.

Dishwasher installation. Our craftsmen install built-in, freestanding and compact dishwashers in the shortest possible time! First you need to choose a place to install, so that when connecting there are no problems with access to the sewer and water supply. After that, you can proceed to installation. Embedded models are installed in a niche. Other models of household appliances around me can be put in any convenient place. After installation, the wizard proceeds to align the housing. On the legs and in the lower part of the device there are regulators fixed with locknuts. The specialist twists them, aligning the body in height and focusing on the level.

Dishwasher connection. Typically, the inlet and outlet hoses are already connected at one end to the corresponding outlets on the back of the dishwasher. The master needs to connect them to the sewer and water supply. To connect the drain hose, he establishes a branch, if there is no way to do this directly. The drain hose is connected to the branch with fittings. When connecting the filler pipe, flange installation is required in any case. After both hoses are connected, the network cable of the dishwasher is connected to the mains. It is recommended to draw a separate line and install a socket with grounding and a current strength of 16A to protect against voltage surges. Having finished work, the specialist checks the reliability of the connections and starts the dishwasher.

Installation of hobs. The hob is unpacked and visually inspected for damage. After that, the wizard removes the transport fasteners and plugs. Then he makes a cutout in the countertop in accordance with the dimensions of the hob. Marks the future cut and drills four holes at the corners of the marking, and then cuts out the marked part of the countertop. Next, the specialist installs fasteners on the hob. For some models, the kit is missing or not provided at all. In this case, the master uses a sealant and sealant. Before the final installation of the hob in the countertop, he opens the junction box and connects the cable - the next stage of work begins.

Hob connection installation. The junction box is located at the end of the hob or at the bottom. The master opens it and connects the cable to the contacts and ground. The specialist closes the junction box. Now, if the outlet for the hob has not yet been completed, he proceeds with this task. The cable comes complete with some models without a plug, but its absence will not stop the wizard - it will quickly correct the manufacturer’s omission. Having finished with the electrician, he installs the hob in the countertop and connects it to the mains. A test run is underway.

Refrigerator installation. The first stage of installation is the selection of a suitable place for the refrigerator. Direct sunlight should not fall on its body. The minimum distance from electrical appliances and lighting devices should be at least 0.5 m. The optimal distance between the body and walls is 5 cm or more. It is recommended that you make a separate outlet for the refrigerator. After a suitable place is selected, the wizard proceeds with the installation. He unpacks the refrigerator and removes the transport fasteners. Visually inspects the appliance for damage that may interfere with installation and connection or adversely affect the operation of the refrigerator. Everything superfluous is removed from the refrigerator and freezer: instructions, spare fasteners, a set of keys and other foreign objects. After that, the master installs the refrigerator in the chosen place. The last stage of installation remains - alignment of the case. Regulators are tightened up on the legs of the refrigerator with a special key, guided by the readings of the level. Fast and high end installation of refrigerators at home is a job for professionals!

Installing an electric stove. Choose a convenient place to install. Then the master will unpack the electric stove and visually check it for damage that may interfere with the connection. The second stage - alignment of the household appliance near you, begins after connecting and installing at the selected location. The master positions it according to the level with the help of special controls on the legs. This is usually done with a key, less often manually. Within 5 cm, free space should remain on the sides of the device. After the electric stove is connected and aligned, the wizard will conduct a test run and issue a warranty card. A network connection is made between the first and second stage of installation. The master opens the junction box, which is located on the back of the induction cooker. Usually it is located near the sticker, which shows the possible connection diagrams. The engineer connects the cable to the appropriate contacts. Then installs the cable mounts and closes the junction box. Further, the induction cooker can be turned on and used as intended.

Gas stove installation. Installation begins with an inspection of the gas stove for damage that prevent our specialist from completing the task. After a visual inspection, the wizard removes the transport fasteners and plugs from the burners. The gas stove is installed taking into account the necessary free space. If the inlet tube on the rear panel is horizontal, then you may need to push the device even further away from the wall. After connecting to the gas pipeline, the master aligns it with the level, twisting the regulators on the legs as necessary. Alignment is carried out after the gas stove is connected and is almost ready for operation.

The master shuts off the gas and turns off the old gas stove, which then moves to any place specified by the client. The disconnection consists in the promotion of the drive - if you have the right key, it takes a couple of minutes. The master connects a hose to the new gas stove. If the inlet tube is horizontal, then our employee will install a corner - a special fitting, otherwise a hose break will occur in the future. Because of this, the pressure inside the hose may weaken and the gas will burn worse. Our master will make sure that this does not happen. The hose is selected taking into account the type of gas valve - it can be a union nut or a nut-nut. Depending on the type of connection, a bellows, rubber or polymer hose is installed, protected by a metal braid. Some gas stove models have two inlet tubes, but only one of them is used. A stub is placed on the second - the master checks its presence and tightens if necessary. Then he will connect the hose to the gas pipeline. After that, it checks the assembled system for leaks. This is done in two ways: the "grandfather" method using a soap emulsion and the test on a gas analyzer. The surface of the connections and hose is covered with a solution - if there is a leak, then bubbles will appear in the appropriate places. After checking for leaks, the specialist levels the gas stove and makes a test run.