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Appliance repair in Alviso, CA

Reliable Appliance repair Alviso, CA

We repair household appliances right at home. We value your time, therefore, we always strive to repair household appliances at home and during the first visit.

Exceptions are only in cases of complex repairs (for example, when soldering of the control module for household appliances - microcircuits is required) or your equipment of a rare brand or model, and the master doesn’t have the necessary spare parts with him.

Why is it important to start a repair at the first sign of a breakdown? Our company has been repairing household appliances at home since 2015. We often encounter burnt microcircuits, dryer repair leaks, “killed” motors and compressors. Many of these faults could have been avoided. Simple things like professional installation, observing operating rules, voltage stabilizers, regular cleaning and maintenance of household appliances significantly extend its service life.

Damage happens not only through negligence. Many models have various design flaws. If you suspect a malfunction - unusual noise, buzz, leaks, violations in the switching of operating modes - call us without delay!

We're engaged in the repair of household appliances in Alviso, CA.