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Appliance repair

Appliance repair Cambrian Park

Modern household devices from simple housekeepers have turned into sophisticated equipment with many electronic controllers, digital modules, patented by the manufacturer of thin mechanisms. Therefore, for any breakdowns and violations of the normal operating mode, professional intervention is required. Carrying out repairs of household appliances at home on their own, with the help of a soldering iron and their knowledge, the owners risk even more spoiling the expensive and necessary item. Moreover - this is how they endanger their safety and the safety of property.

A malfunctioning boiler, a washing machine can lead to a flood of neighbors from below, and a malfunctioning gas stove can lead to more sad consequences. Professional services of repairing household appliances in our company will help to avoid risks and get a fully functional device that will serve the owner for a long time. Turning to us, you will solve any problems, from small items stuck in devices to complex breakdowns that require replacement of components and parts, diagnostics of microcircuits, processor controllers. Our masters have the necessary qualifications and practical experience, which allows you to 100% quality repair:

  • refrigerators, freezer repair near me and chests
  • washing machines, dishwashers and dryers
  • microwave ovens, blenders and other small kitchen appliances
  • domestic boilers, water heaters
  • induction cookers, ovens and other built-in appliances - our employees will tell you more about the services

The cost of repairing household appliances in San Jose depends on its specifics. The complexity of work is divided into standard and increased complexity. In the first case, most often you do not need to carry out diagnostics, disassemble the device, you can go home, repair of household appliances is carried out quickly. If for repair you need to completely remove the case, part of the nodes, the work is difficult. They are being diagnosed, craftsmen need time to provide access to hidden parts - for example, a bearing in a washing machine. In addition, our customers receive:

  • guarantee for work up to three years
  • help of masters who can repair both obsolete and latest models of equipment
  • additional services - instrument maintenance, advice on the operation and maintenance of equipment after repair

We're engaged in the repair of household appliances in Cambrian Park, CA.