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Appliance repair in Los Gatos, CA

Reliable Appliance repair Los Gatos, CA

Household appliances make everyday life easier. But it doesn’t always work flawlessly and with full dedication. Faults in the washing machine repair near me, refrigerator - a signal for an immediate assessment of the situation and repair. And if minor flaws such as a small siphon leak can be eliminated without special knowledge and experience, it will not be possible to deal with more serious problems on their own. And then you need to call the master for help.

Repair of household appliances requires knowledge in several areas: power supply, mechanics, water supply, sanitation. An untrained person may forget or not know at all about the nuances associated with waterproofing pipes or replacing a resistor, the existence of FUM electrical tape, and independent earthing of electrical appliances is completely prohibited by energy services. Therefore, self-repair is fraught with unnecessary risk. To avoid it and get quality work, it is better to trust the experience of specialists.

  • Disconnecting equipment from all engineering systems for safety
  • External inspection and deeper breakdown diagnosis
  • Preparation of necessary tools and replacement parts
  • Dismantling the device in strict sequence
  • Troubleshooting, replacement of parts, insulating windings, pipes, wires and other elements
  • Assembly of household appliances in accordance with the rules
  • Checking the performance of the repaired machine, finishing work
  • Garbage collection, tidying up
  • Our craftsmen always clean up the workplace, so you don’t have to bother with wreckage, insulation and other remnants of the repair
  • Depending on the type of breakdown, steps may be added or shortened. For example, it is possible to partially disassemble or reassemble the machine several times during the course of work
  • Guarantee for any repair - 1 month. During this period, possible defects in the work are eliminated free of charge
  • 90% of the master’s work is completed in one hour. In extreme cases, the total duration doesn’t exceed three hours
  • The cost of work is agreed in advance. You will give exactly the price for which the specialist agreed upon at the stage of diagnosis
  • Work is carried out under a contract, employees of the company are responsible for the service financially

We're engaged in the repair of household appliances in Los Gatos, CA.