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Appliance repair in Santa Clara, CA

Reliable Appliance repair Santa Clara, CA

Failure of such equipment is always not only additional costs, but also a lot of household inconveniences. But if you contact our company, then the problem can be solved quickly and inexpensively. We provide guaranteed quality, impeccable service. We are a team of specialists repairing household appliances in San Jose at home. We offer our customers:

  • professional service - only highly qualified craftsmen
  • efficiency - we value both your and our time
  • accuracy - you don’t have to wash the bathroom or kitchen for half a day after the visit of the master
  • reasonable prices - our tariffs and the cost of spare parts will pleasantly surprise you
  • individual approach - we will take into account your financial capabilities and offer the best solution
  • quality guarantee - and not only for replacement parts, but also for services

Each malfunction can have several causes. For example, the washing machine may not turn on because the hatch lock has broken, or maybe because of a malfunction of the control module. It is logical that the cost of repair in the first and second case will be very different. Only after the master carries out the diagnostics can the final price “verdict” be issued.

How long will the equipment work properly after repair? Perhaps the repair will not be needed for many years, and at some point you just decide to exchange your old, but still well-functioning unit for something more modern. But it may happen that due to improper operation or some external factors (for example, voltage drops in the power supply network), repairs will be needed again in the near future.

And if the spare part that was changed soon breaks again? You do not need to worry about this, because after the repair you get a written guarantee. In the event of any malfunction in the operation of the equipment, you inform us of this, and the wizard will perform a replacement absolutely free. But it should be noted that this happens extremely rarely, since we use exclusively original parts.

What if the original part is too expensive? You will see that there are no hopeless situations. We practice an individual approach and will always find a solution that will fully satisfy the client. Sometimes it’s really advisable to use a cheaper analogue.

Do you have to buy replacement parts yourself? Not if you order home appliances repair from us. The wizard will come to you with everything you need to restore the broken unit. You do not have to go shopping or order parts via the Internet, because we have a wide range of spare parts for equipment of different brands and models.

Need to bring a washing machine or refrigerator repair to the workshop? No, in 95% of cases, repairs are carried out at the client’s home. Therefore, you will not have the trouble of transporting large household appliances to the service center and vice versa, the need to disconnect / connect it. All you have to do is call us, voice the problem and agree on the time of the master’s visit.

How long does a repair take? It all depends on what exactly failed. Sometimes, to return the equipment to working condition, it takes less than half an hour. In especially difficult situations, a return visit of the master is required. On average, repair work takes from one and a half to three hours.

We're engaged in the repair of household appliances in Santa Clara, CA.