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Cafe appliance repair

Quick repair Cafe appliance

When it comes to your defective Safe device, we are the right supplier. We will be happy to repair, advise or help with installation. A defective Safe device is especially annoying because you hardly have the time or nerves to remove the defective device, bring it in for repair, or arrange a new one and reinstall it. In such cases, you can use our pickup service. Frequency technicians will then arrange for your Safe to be safely transported to our specialist workshop. There the device will be analyzed, after which you will be informed of the cost and the necessary repair.

When you call us, prepare the following information, this helps our staff and you. Based on this, an initial diagnosis can be made over the phone:

serial number / number of the device for the call

a brief description of the malfunction helps

your name, address and contact details

your personal availability and phone accessibility make it easier to call back

Cafe appliance repair in San Jose is made only after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty period. Our customer service is an independent repair service, not a factory support service. Therefore, we are only allowed to place orders after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired. This is usually 2 years. We are only responsible for you after this time.

Our specialists always try to repair the Safe device on site. We have ordinary parts and special tools. If the repair time exceeds the estimated time, a spare part is out of stock or there is not enough space for normal operation, we can repair your device in our workshop. This often makes sense as technicians can fix the same errors in a much shorter time frame. There is no additional cost to take your device with you. Call us for affordable Cafe appliance repair in San Jose, California.

Cafe appliance repair