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Perlick appliance repair

Quick repair Perlick appliance

For advice and diagnostics on the repair of the Perlick refrigerator, you can call our technicians. We provide a guarantee for services. We carry out repair of Perlick refrigerators in San Jose, regardless of the level of complexity.

Refrigeration units of the Perlick brand have an insignificant consumption of electricity, nevertheless, most users complain of a short service life, this is due to the low quality of freon tubes inside the case in the foamed part and some technical flaws. The experts of our company easily eliminate defects.

Non-compliance with the rules of use significantly reduces the service life of refrigerator elements. We recommend timely wet cleaning of the rear wall of the condenser (heat exchanger), also in cases of stagnation of water in the refrigerator compartment, flush the drain or contact the repair specialists for advice and assistance. Possible malfunctions and repairs of the Perlick refrigerator:

Leakage from the evaporator tube

The electrical control module may burn out from too high voltage. The board can be repaired or replaced with a new one.

It is important to follow all instructions, check for the first signs of damage and call specialists to fix them. Repair of Perlick refrigerators and freezers at home is carried out at competitive prices as soon as possible.

If you notice that the refrigerator is not working properly, we recommend that you contact a repair specialist. Call us for affordable Perlick appliance repair in San Jose, California.

Perlick appliance repair

We repair Perlick household appliances: