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Thor appliance repair in San Jose, CA

Quick repair Thor appliance in San Jose, CA

The service center repairs and maintains Thor induction hobs. Specially trained professionals work quickly and efficiently.

The induction hob is a modern kitchen appliance, popular for its high efficiency and economy.

Maintenance and repair of hobs. Thor plates are reliable, but, like any complex equipment, they need competent maintenance. This is what the service center for the repair of induction hobs offers.

Certain things the owner can check and fix himself:

if the power of the burner is insufficient, you should pay attention to the diameter of the pan or frying pan (he should not be half the size of the hob), and also ensure a tight fit of the dishes

if the hob does not turn on, and the display does not want to respond to your attempts to revive it, you need to check the presence of power in the outlet and inspect the cord and plug for mechanical damage

Perhaps this is all that any owner of an induction hob can do without the help of professionals. And it may be needed in several cases:

the hob stopped working at all

one or more cooking zones do not heat up

the cooling fan does not turn off or does not turn on

beep continuously

the residual heat indicator does not work

the panel turns off automatically at the most inopportune moment

The service center repairers will cope with any of the possible problems in short term and without prejudice to expensive equipment. We serve all types of Thor cookers:

induction hobs with multiple burners

single burner table top

cookers produced in conjunction with an oven

combination cookers, where some burners work as induction and others as electric ones

The customer calls the service center or comes to the office in San Jose. Upon request, a specialist leaves at a predetermined time to inspect the panel, determine the complexity of the problem and troubleshoot. Our specially trained craftsmen will advise the owner on all issues related to the operation of induction cookers.

Contact a service center for the repair of induction cooktops - and the appliances in your kitchen will work smoothly. Call us for affordable Thor appliance repair in San Jose, California.

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