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Home Dryer Repair Service in San Jose, CA

Tumble dryers allow you to dry clothes, outerwear, bedding and even shoes quickly and without problems. Many of them are equipped with ironing functions, which greatly simplifies the life of working women. But sometimes, despite proper operation and gentle care, the dryer will fail. In this case, you need the help of specialists. Very often the cause of malfunctioning tumble dryers is their incorrect connection and operation:

  • Lack of contact between the plug and the outlet, constant power surges and damaged wiring can cause damage to even a new dryer
  • In second place is the problem of depressurization of the exhaust duct and damage to the heating elements
  • If your dryer is equipped with an electronic control system, you can see the error code on the display. To understand what this means, look in the device‚Äôs passport or operating instructions

Your dryer stops working and you are looking for a specialist for emergency dryer repair in San Jose? Then you are in the right place at our professional company for the appliance installation and quick dryer repair in Santa Clara and the surrounding area.

Call us 24/7 when your tumble dryer is no longer working properly and we will immediately send one of our technically experienced employees to you to check the device. Due to his many years of experience, he knows exactly what weaknesses individual old or new brands: Thermador, Viking, Miele, Samsung, LG, General Electric, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux. He checks the dryer quickly and reliably and usually finds the cause of the defect immediately. As far as possible, the urgent dryer repair will be carried out on site. Often only seals have to be replaced or defective cables have to be soldered. However, if it is a more complex home dryer repair, our employee will lock the dryer for you and take it to our specialist workshop for dryer repair. Here we check whether a repair is still worthwhile or whether it might be better to dispose of the old device immediately.

Our experts repair dryers at home. In the application you describe the problem, the technician comes to the call with all the necessary tools and spare parts for repair or troubleshooting. In most cases, damage can be fixed at home within an hour. But it should be remembered that some types of repairs may require the participation of other specialists or special tools. In this case, our craftsmen will load and take the car to the repair shop themselves, and after it will be delivered and installed on their own. The cheap price for repairing a dryer depends on the type of breakdown. The more complicated it is, the more expensive the spare parts will be, the longer it will take to repair or replacement them. This also includes payment for the wizard and insurance.

Home Dryer Repair Service
Fix dryer near me

Fix dryer near me in San Jose, CA

Before we start the dryer repair in my area in San Jose and the around me, we will prepare affordable cost estimate for all necessary spare parts and the working time. You can then decide whether you want to separate from your old dryer or whether we should do the high quality dryer repair for you. In our workshop we repair dryers of all top brands as well as no-name products. It does not matter whether mechanical parts have to be replaced or whether electronic parts have to be replaced. After all repair work has been carried out, we also run a test run. We carefully check whether the device is fully functional again and no longer displays any error messages. Then we bring the dryer back to you and of course reinstall the device. We connect all lines properly and you can use your dryer again. This offer also applies to your washing machine or dishwasher.

In our workshop, the machine is checked for functionality and porous seals are replaced. We replace missing control buttons and conscientiously repair even the smallest defects. We also take over defective devices that work perfectly by exchanging a defective pump or a corroded heating coil. This type of repair is not a problem for our repair service, as we have a large stock of spare parts for older models that are no longer commercially available. The same applies to the repair of washing machines and dryers.

After a dryer repair, the machine is as functional as on the first day and you save the high costs of a new purchase. Just give us a call or drop by if you want to use our high end dryer repair services!

Using a tumble dryer is not difficult. Therefore, carefully monitor for even small faults. These include the types of breakdowns of the dryer:

  • The tumble dryer does not work at all. Check the integrity of the wires, the contact of the plug with the socket and the tightness of the door
  • High humidity indoors with a tumble dryer. In this case, check the tightness of the exhaust duct
  • Vibration and noise during drying. Most likely, foreign objects (buttons, coins) got into the drum, things got messy or there are too many of them, the dryer is overloaded
  • Things remain wet after drying. There can be three reasons: overload with things, malfunctioning heating elements and overheating and automatic shutdown of the dryer caused by insufficient air circulation. Check the accessibility of the intake grilles and clean the filters
  • Uneven rotation or stop of the drum. The reason may be either overloading the machine or a faulty drive belt

If you notice one or more symptoms, turn off the dryer and contact your repair shop. We work on repairing a dryers near you:

  • Diagnostics
  • Fix: squeak, won't heat, that is not spinning, burning clothes, drum off balance, element, jammed dryer, screeching noise, making loud noise
  • Replace: belt, heating element, timer, vent hose, door latch, washer, heating element, timer, button, knob, dryer drum, dryer vent, dryer cord, door switch, door hinge, exhaust hose, start switch, hair dryer, dryer timer, hose, timer, door switch, motor, moisture sensor, thermostat, thermal fuse, wallfix dryer, vent flap, vent duct, vent pipe.