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Home Ice Maker Repair Service in San Jose, CA

The main purpose of ice makers is ice production. The creation of ice makers is explained by the availability of food products, which require cooling to preserve their properties. Ice makers are capable of producing ice of various shapes and sizes. Ice makers are divided into:

  • Periodic action - the whole process consists of a freezing period and a thawing period
  • Continuous action - there is only a process of freezing ice, it is cut off by mechanical action
  • Block ice

Breakdowns in ice makers are extremely rare, but require immediate action:

  • If the device is turned off or during short-term operation, the thermostat should be replaced and the capacitor checked
  • If water forms in the hopper, remove the drainage hose
  • The ice maker began to produce ice of irregular shape or cloudy color - clean the nozzles and replace the pump. Also the reason for this may be the filling of poor quality water
  • If you notice intermittent operation of the ice maker pump, immediately stop using the machine and clean the radiator by counting and then blowing with compressed air

Any breakdown of the ice machine requires a professional inspection. Repair of an ice machine should be carried out by a master of repair of ice machines with many years of experience.

Our company carries out repair and maintenance of ice machines near you for more than 5 years, the staff of our company consists of experienced, attentive and versed in all the intricacies of the work of ice masters. Our company carries out repairs of devices producing cube, flake, granular and figured ice. Turning to us, you provide yourself with quick high end repair. Our experts will come to you area and begin to inspect and ice maker old and new brands: LG, Bosch, Thermador, Viking, Electrolux, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Samsung, Candy and other. If you need urgent repair of ice machines, then our craftsmen will arrive to you on the day of contact.

Home Ice Maker Repair Service
Fix ice maker near me

Fix ice maker near me in San Jose, CA

Prices for emergency ice maker repair at home will pleasantly surprise you, we are distinguished by an affordable pricing policy. You can find out the approximate ice maker cost by calling the operator and explaining the reason for contacting us. The exact cheap price of the repair will be announced to you by a specialist of our company immediately after inspection of the ice maker.

We also provide our customers with the opportunity to conclude an agreement with us for the repair of ice machines, which provides you with timely repairs of your machines at an affordable price. Fix ice machine in my area directly affects the quality of service of the device and the period of its further operation. Repair of ice machines by our specialists will provide you with:

  • Instant response to the application without insurance
  • Experienced highly skilled craftsmen
  • Efficiency of repair
  • High-quality and reliable repair
  • Long life guarantee parts

Ice maker service around me in San Jose is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the device and its high performance. Our experts will timely clean the air condenser, filter and nozzles, and check the functioning of the defrost and refrigerant cycle. The list of works included in the maintenance of ice machines also includes the disinfection of the ice storage bin and its prevention.

Replacement ice maker near me: compressor, capacitor, evaporator, sensor, fan, capillary tube, filter dryer, compressor relay, motor compressor, condenser fan motor, control unit, evaporator fan motor, limit switch, button replacement (on-off), thermostat, temperature probe, electric cooling motor, thermostatic valve, starting or working electric capacitor, freezer repair, micro contactor, starter, heater drain pipe, evaporator heater, capacitor unit or installing an additional, evaporator (air cooler), solenoid valve, ice maker auger motor, ice maker control module, ice cream maker canister, ice maker tubing.

Conducting continuous monitoring of the functioning of the ice makers eliminates the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions in the operation of the apparatus. It should also be noted that this procedure also affects the quality of the apparatus that produces ice. Work on the repair of the ice generator that we produce:

  • Diagnostics
  • Filter change
  • Refrigerant charge
  • System clogging
  • Refrigerant line repair
  • Electrical circuit repair
  • Control unit programming
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Leak repair
  • Shredder valve solder
  • Vacuum refrigeration circuit
  • Electrical circuit switching
  • Thermostatic expansion valve adjustment
  • Control unit programming
  • Forced defrosting of the evaporator
  • Charge, refrigerant charge
  • Troubleshooting Freon Leaks
  • Control Board Repair
  • Drainage, drainage cleaning
  • Ice machine pump installation
  • Ice machine installation (including materials)
  • Fix ice maker with hair dryer
  • Reset ice maker button
  • Fix ice maker leaking