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Home Microwave Repair Service in San Jose, CA

Microwaves have long become an integral part of modern kitchens. Microwave ovens are a popular and sought-after device both in the home and in offices. But, like any equipment, microwave ovens fail from time to time and puzzle their owners with the search for a service center for repair.

Our well-coordinated team offers you repair services for your microwave. We value the time and nerves of our customers, so we try to repair your microwave in the shortest possible time. The main goal of our service center is to make the repair of your device as convenient, high-quality and inexpensive as possible.

Our craftsmen will make any immediately microwave repair in San Jose. You don’t have to spend significant financial resources on the purchase of new equipment, and the small costs of timely and high end microwave repairs will always pay off. Our experts work with modern diagnostic equipment and high-quality tools that will allow the most accurate repair of microwaves in the shortest possible time. Therefore, repair of household appliances in most cases is more profitable than buying a new appliance.

The reason for the failure can be different: these are surges in the power supply, and improper handling of equipment. Our experts repair microwave ovens of such old and new brands as: Thermador, Viking, LG, General Electric, Samsung, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero, Electrolux, Bosch.

When signs of a malfunction of the microwave don't panic. A professional will cope with problems of any complexity. In this case, you don’t have to transport the equipment, it will be repaired in your home. Emergency microwave repair steps:

  • You call our technician for the repair of microwave ovens at home or gas appliances repair
  • He carries out diagnostics of malfunctions, determines the affordable cost of work
  • Repairing a microwave at home, with its spare parts and tools
  • Provides a guarantee for the work done, instructs on the use of the device

We work 24/7 on the high quality microwave repair in San Jose that we produce:

Fix: door switch, handle, turntable, door latch, control panel, child lock, latch spring, display, door spring, fuse, fan, fuse keeps blowing, wifi interference, keypad, latch, lock, magnetron, turntable motor, touch pad, light bulb, rotating plate, waveguide.

Replacement: fuse, filter, glass plate, glass door, handle, high voltage diode, hood with range hood.

Recommendations on the operation, which will allow longer to do without repair:

  • Don’t allow liquids to enter the microwave - this is often the cause of the microwave power circuit shorting
  • Avoid dropping - this is the main reason for the failure of the magnetron, because this is the heaviest part
  • Use the reliable electrical outlet, is a powerful household appliance, then unreliable power is the main cause of failure
  • Don’t allow metal objects inside — knives, forks, spoons, and bowls — will begin to spark and stop working
Home Microwave Repair Service
Fix microwave oven near me

Fix microwave oven near me in San Jose, CA

The most common problems with microwave ovens are:

The microwave does not turn on. First of all, you need to check if the cord has not come off, then the serviceability of the fuses. A transformer or diode may have shorted out.

The backlight does not turn on when the oven door is opened. Microwave oven repair around me with a home trip in this case may not be required - just change the light bulb. If you cannot do it yourself, contact us.

The enamel inside the stove or on the door has deteriorated. It is dangerous to continue to use the equipment, it is necessary to eliminate the defect.

The device display does not work properly. This indicates damage to the processor or electronic board. Contact our company for urgent microwave repair service near you, since it is difficult to solve such a problem yourself.

Microwave oven buttons don’t work. The tester diagnoses malfunctions, seals the contacts in the right places, replaces the buttons that fail.

Does not turn off. Call a microwave home repair technician in San Jose to determine the cause of the breakdown. Most likely, a replacement feed relay will be required.

The smell of burning, sparking at work. The reason is the improper operation of the arcing microwave oven, as a result of which the mica plate burned out. This can be caused by strong body fat, the use of metal-coated dishes, and abundant washing of the body with water.

Food does not heat up. Our specialist will quickly perform high end repairs of the microwave oven at home, repair or replace the magnetron or transformer.

The pan does not spin. It is required to clean the grooves and roller. You can handle the cleaning yourself.

It happens that the integrated microwave is very buzzing when it works. The problem is due to a malfunction in the ventilation system or magnetron. In any case, our specialist will cheap price repair the microwave at home in my area.

Fix in the microwave, what’s broken:

  • Does not turn on
  • Sparks
  • Not warm
  • Stand
  • Touch button
  • Bottom
  • Magnetron
  • Touchpad
  • Mode switch
  • Microwave control board
  • Film keyboard
  • Control panel blocks
  • Timer replacement and repair
  • Microwave enamel
  • Engine repair
  • Microwave fuse repair
  • Inverter
  • The door does not slam
  • Not heating
  • Sparking
  • Buttons not working
  • Error
  • Noisy microwave
  • No power
  • Smell
  • Squeaking