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Avanti Freezer Repair

Quick repair Avanti freezer in San Jose

The service center in the city of San Jose offers quality and professional repair of Avanti freezers. Urgent repairs of any complexity are carried out. We strive to make our service as accessible as possible. The cost of even complex repairs is always reasonable.

Avanti has become one of the most famous manufacturers of household appliances and electronics in the world over several decades. Their quality and prices are attractive to millions of customers. Now products under the Avanti trademark can be purchased almost everywhere.

Any type of household appliance has common breakdowns, which are not difficult to fix. You just need to find out their cause in order to effectively eliminate it. In the case of refrigerators, there are two main types of such faults. But the reasons for them are very different.

The refrigerator stopped turning on.

Freon leak. Occurs in the thermostat bellows. The reason is corrosion at the junction of the evaporator and the capillary of the thermostat. You can fix it. This is one of the main reasons for the owners of such equipment to contact us.

Closing the working winding / starting winding. The relay turns off the compressor, the casing may become hot. In this case, our master can also repair your equipment without any problems.

Contact group defects. There is no circuit between the contacts, switching on is impossible. Also recoverable.

Compressor motor seized. There is a hum of the unit, but there is no rotation, there is no pressure. It is not difficult to repair.

In general, in each of the described cases, we can quickly and inexpensively repair your equipment.

The refrigerator does not freeze due to the leakage of freon directly through the cooling circuit. Signs - an increase in temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, work without interruptions, ice freezing in the area where the evaporator is located. Such repairs will be inexpensive and will be carried out extremely urgently.

An increase in temperature may be the result of a clogged capillary line passing through the refrigeration unit or the filter of the dryer. The symptoms are similar. Often the refrigerator works without shutdowns.

Loss of compressor capacity. The reasons are often valve group defects, freon leaks and other malfunctions. In this case, our workshop will replace the compressor.

Almost always, repairs can be performed directly at the customer's home. Therefore, you do not need to worry about transporting bulky equipment. A failed unit can be repaired quickly enough. Our technician will identify technical problems, their causes and remedy.

Our workshop has been performing professional Avanti freezers repairs at home in San Jose for many years. We provide a reliable guarantee of high quality service. We have affordable prices and professional service. The work uses modern equipment and original parts from the manufacturer. Call us for an urgent Avanti freezer repair in San Jose, California.

Avanti Freezer Repair