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Bertazzoni Refrigerator Repair

Quick repair Bertazzoni refrigerator in San Jose

Our company offers professional Bertazzoni refrigerator repair in San Jose at home of any complexity. We work seven days a week, use only high-quality spare parts and provide a guarantee.

Contact us and you will be convinced that professional repair of refrigerators at home with a guarantee can be inexpensive. Our specialists undergo qualification training and mandatory certification, and also use only original spare parts and replacement components. You can call the master at home on any day of the week, on weekends and holidays. We provide emergency technical assistance for any breakdown of refrigeration equipment.

We repair both old refrigerators and modern models of units of various Bertazzoni models equally promptly and at a high professional level. Despite the use of advanced technologies and equipment, the causes of the malfunction are often identical regardless of the brand, and even the number of chambers does not matter here: both single-chamber and double-chamber refrigerators can fail. If the manufacturer's recommendations are violated, the result will be the same - equipment breakdown.

When the compressor stops functioning, the entire system of the unit is paralyzed. Its further performance depends on competent, and most importantly, prompt service. Each refrigerator has a compressor and they have a similar internal circuitry. If you notice that the motor does not turn on or off, there is an extraneous noise, the temperature in the chamber differs from the set one, immediately call a Bertazzoni refrigerator repair technician. He will come and replace the motor. This process is complicated and time-consuming, but you can be sure that at the end you will receive a serviceable unit and a guarantee for its long-term service.

To refill the unit with refrigerant, you need to find the leak, replace the filter drier, evacuate the system, and fill with freon. It is important to have the necessary equipment, a bottle with a mixture of methane and ethane, a filling station and use the refrigerant in accordance with the markings that the manufacturer indicates on the compressor. Freon is colorless and odorless, so you cannot immediately notice the leak. The problem can be recognized by the following signs:

poor cooling

continuous operation of the motor-compressor

the compressor does not turn on

red indicator flashes

Clicks are heard when the motor-compressor starts, but it turns off after a few seconds ? The cause may be a malfunction of the starter relay. If, upon inspection, the engineer discovers that the contacts and terminals are burnt, then the part must be replaced with a new one. A faulty relay can lead to a serious problem - a breakdown of the motor, which is why it is so important at the first sign to contact a refrigerator repair shop.

A failure in the operation of the unit occurs due to violation of operating requirements. As a result, the device stops cooling food efficiently or does not start at all. It is not easy to fix the problem on your own, it is much more reasonable to entrust the repair measures to specialists. Call us for an urgent Bertazzoni refrigerator repair in San Jose, California.

Bertazzoni Refrigerator Repair