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Fisher Paykel Freezer Repair

Quick repair Fisher Paykel freezer in San Jose

Refrigerators of the Fisher Paykel brand have become favorites because of their low cost, attractive and modern design, and a good set of functions. Repair of Fisher Paykel freezers in San Jose is rarely ordered. We managed to identify the most common defects:

The equipment stopped turning on, which for models with mechanical control means a breakdown of the thermostat. In rare cases, the symptom may indicate a compressor malfunction. For refrigerators with electronic control, the absence of switching on indicates a breakdown of the control module.

The device turns on for 5-10 seconds, and then turns off - the compressor or start-up relay is faulty in models with electronic control.

The motor runs without stopping, which often means the formation of a freon leak or damage to the compressor. But in rare cases, this may indicate a defect in the temperature sensor. To establish the exact cause, before starting the repair of Fisher Paykel freezers, diagnostics must be made.

A swelling formed on the rear panel - most likely there was a freon leak or a factory defect.

Quite often repairs of Fisher Paykel freezers order at home when extraneous noise appears. They can mean both the exhaustion of the compressor shock absorbers and the incorrect installation of the device.

Our service center has been repairing Fisher Paykel freezers at home for several years. We are trusted by millions of customers, because:

Our technicians thoroughly know each brand model and have many years of experience.

Fisher Paykel freezers repair is carried out with quality tools and using original components.

All work done is guaranteed. Call us for an urgent Fisher Paykel freezer repair in San Jose, California.

Fisher Paykel Freezer Repair