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Frigidaire Microwave Repair

Quick repair Frigidaire microwave in San Jose

One could do without a microwave in the kitchen, but the housewives, whom this technique has repeatedly rescued and freed up a lot of time for other affairs and rest, know perfectly well how useful the microwave is. What can a microwave do? Quickly reheat ready meals, defrost food, bake, boil, simmer. Therefore, if a built-in or conventional microwave is broken, then the hostess's hassle is significantly added. Our workshop performs urgent repairs on Frigidaire microwaves in San Jose, although the very fact of their failure is extremely rare. Frigidaire belongs to the category of the highest quality reliable technology. Today, the Frigidaire concern is known all over the world and provides customers with all the necessary household appliances.

If the products of the Frigidaire company are of such high quality, what can then cause a malfunction? As the monitoring of applications received at service centers shows, the repair of microwave ovens during the warranty period regarding the detection of a manufacturing defect is isolated cases. In most situations, the foremen have to troubleshoot problems resulting from violation of the operating rules. A breakdown of microwave ovens can be identified by the following signs:

when turned on, an uncharacteristic sound appears for operation

sparks inside the chamber

heating does not reach optimal parameters

the plate does not rotate

no indication

no touch reaction panels

microwave does not turn on

Malfunction of a microwave oven may result from a breakdown of one of the parts: thermal relay, magnetron, high-voltage diode, control board, transformer or fan. To accurately determine the location and severity of the breakdown, a service inspection is required, which must be carried out by a master. Depending on the complexity of the malfunction, repair work can be divided into three categories:

easy repair consists in correcting non-serious external causes and does not provide for disassembly of equipment

medium repair includes partial disassembly with replacement of parts

major repairs are performed when complete disassembly of equipment

The first category - easy repairs, you can do it yourself if it consists in replacing the power plug or a burnt out light bulb that illuminates the camera. If the plate stops spinning, it makes sense to repair the pallet motor - more precisely, to thoroughly clean it, as it can get stuck from grease and dirt. It is better not to shoulder medium and large repairs, but to entrust specialists who will certainly not harm the equipment when disassembling it.

Our company carries out repairs Frigidaire microwaves at home in San Jose at a convenient time for you. If speed is important to you, inform the dispatcher about the signs of a breakdown so that the foreman draws up a preliminary picture of the problem and prepares the necessary details. Our specialists can repair all types of microwave ovens, including built-in models. We offer affordable prices, high quality, confirmed by a warranty period. The cost of repair includes only the work of the master and payment for spare parts - we provide a specialist visit and equipment diagnostics free of charge. Call us for an urgent Frigidaire microwave repair in San Jose, California.

Frigidaire Microwave Repair