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General Electric Ice Maker Repair in San Jose, CA

Quick repair General Electric ice maker in San Jose, CA

We carry out urgent repairs to General Electric ice makers in San Jose with a remote, with built-in refrigeration device, water, air cooling. The company's specialists have the skills to work with the following types of equipment:

periodic action - the algorithm of the equipment functioning consists in cyclical freezing and thawing of ice

continuous action - the unit freezes ice, which is cut mechanically

Modern icemakers make it possible to obtain molded ice in the form of scales, granules for decorating a showcase with chilled products. The shape of cubes, cups is in demand in cafes, restaurants when cooling cocktails and drinks. Proper maintenance of the devices helps prevent unexpected breakdowns. In case of malfunctions, short-term shutdown of the device, you should contact professional engineers who carry out repairs of General Electric ice makers at home.

Urgent repairs of General Electric ice makers involve diagnostics using special devices. Based on the data received, the wizards establish the problem that caused it to appear, the cause, the optimal method of elimination. Reasons for the breakdown of the ice maker, remedies:

clogging of the drain hose, sewerage - cleaning the elements with warm water, detergents - damage to the evaporator thermostat, solenoid valve - replacement of obsolete parts

the presence of a significant amount of lime in the hydraulic system - decalcification of the device

contamination of the capillary tube - replacement of a spare part, a desiccant filter

freon leakage - elimination of the problem with reinstalling the desiccant filter

pump defect - inspection, restoration, replacement with a new accessory if worn

radiator clogged - cleaning the mechanism, as necessary blowing with compressed air

appearance of unusual noise, vibrations - replacement of component parts

lack of grounding - repair of a socket, extension cord, wiring

How to prevent breakdown of General Electric ice maker? Prolongation of uninterrupted operation of the installation is achieved through cyclical performance of procedures:

cleaning of the condenser, filter, container for ice preparation

checking the required level of cooling gas or water

technical control of the working process

disinfection of the main areas of the equipment. Call us for an urgent General Electric ice maker repair in San Jose, California.

General Electric Ice Maker Repair