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Thermador Freezer Repair

Quick repair Thermador freezer in San Jose

Thermador is renowned for its ultra-low energy consumption refrigerators. It is for their compactness, mobility, but at the same time their capacity that they fell in love with users. But at the same time, like any modern technology, devices from Thermador are equipped with sensitive electrical circuits that break down due to voltage surges and improper use. This leads to the fact that repair of Thermador freezers is required quite often.

Many years of practice of our service technicians allowed us to find out the most frequent breakdowns of Thermador freezers. An urgent repair is required when:

The evaporator defrost timer is broken in models with the NouFrost system. In this case, the refrigerator will not go into defrost mode, due to which a thick layer of a snow coat forms in it, the cooling capacity drops sharply.

The compressor is out of order, in which case the unit completely stops freezing, it can turn on and turn off immediately.

The temperature sensor is faulty, which is evidenced by the continuous operation of the compressor, the temperature in the chambers can be either much higher or lower than the indicated one.

Did you notice that the device began to work incorrectly? As soon as possible, call a professional who can make professional repairs to Thermador freezers at home. After all, one malfunction can cause other breakdowns.

For example, a breakdown of the defrost unit can eventually lead to a malfunction of the fan. Therefore, do not postpone the repair of Thermador freezers for a long time, especially since we offer the most favorable conditions for their repair. We guarantee a high level of service.

Our service center repairs Thermador freezers in San Jose and guarantees a high level of service. By contacting us, you will receive:

free consultation by phone, during which the foreman will be able to establish the probable cause of the defect.

home repair at any time convenient for the client. We leave even on holidays and weekends.

A guarantee for all work performed. Our craftsmen use only modern equipment, tools and certified components.

We are ready to repair any Thermador freezers model in the shortest possible time. Call us for an urgent Thermador freezer repair in San Jose, California.

Thermador Freezer Repair