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Thermador Ice Maker Repair

Quick repair Thermador ice maker in San Jose

Thermador ice makers have found their application not only on an industrial scale, but also in everyday life. The main purpose of these installations is the production of ice of various shapes, for example, flake, cubic or conical. A breakdown of the ice maker can lead to serious consequences such as spoilage of seafood in a restaurant or other products. A malfunction occurs due to various factors and requires prompt elimination. Our company has many years of experience in eliminating various breakdowns of refrigeration equipment, including repairing Thermador ice makers.

Classification of malfunctions in Thermador ice machines and their causes. Clients often contact our specialists with the following problems with ice makers:

Ice cubes have an opaque, cloudy appearance. The main reason for this factor is the presence of calcium in the system.

There is an unusual noise for the normal operation of the ice maker. Often, the problem lies in the breakdown of the condenser motor or compressor.

Water accumulates in the ice bin. The cause may be a blockage in the sewer or drain.

The evaporator is not completely frozen. In this case, it is necessary to check the installation for a clogged capillary tube or a Freon leak.

Ice cubes have an irregular shape. Common causes are: a problem with the pump or clogging of the filter / nozzles.

Lack of defrost, freezing of ice with a piece on the evaporator. This situation occurs due to a malfunction of the solenoid valve or evaporator thermostat, problems with the programmer.

Thermador ice maker is leaking. The main reason is damage to the solenoid water valve.

The unit does not turn on for about half an hour. Lack of ice. The main reasons may be: a breakdown of the thermostat for filling the bunker or the shutdown of the pressure switch.

The ice maker does not turn off. The malfunction is associated with improper operation of the sensor that controls the ice level.

Representatives of the company will repair the Thermador ice maker of any complexity in San Jose as soon as possible.

Thanks to their extensive experience in this area, specialists will perform the following:

replacement of the pressure switch

magnetic starter replacement

control unit installation

evaporator fan replacement

minor wiring repairs

leakage elimination

thermostatic expansion valve replacement

compressor replacement

drainage cleaning

Before repair or replacement of a spare part, detailed diagnostics are carried out. If there is a need to install a new part, we have all the necessary Thermador spare parts in our warehouse, which we will deliver in a short time, which will exclude a long downtime.

Choosing us, you get the following advantages:

possibility of repairing on site

urgent response to the request - using only original spare parts in work and the presence of high-precision diagnostic equipment and modern tools. Call us for an urgent Thermador ice maker repair in San Jose, California.

Thermador Ice Maker Repair