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Air conditioner indoor coil freeze ups in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If you notice that the heat pump's internal coil is frozen or completely frozen, you can try to find the cause and fix the problem. To do this, follow these steps:

turn off the air conditioner (the system must be turned off and also unplug the wire from the socket)

open the case

wrap the indoor unit of the air conditioner with a towel to avoid water leakage.

Now you need to wait, when the air conditioner is thawed to drain the defrost water immediately. Inspect the device. There are 2 possible reasons why the system has stopped working properly:

Weak air flow

Refrigerant leaking

Air conditioner indoor coil freeze ups

Problem solution:

Weak airflow

One possible cause of ice formation may be too little airflow through the evaporator coils. The air conditioner uses a very cold substance (refrigerant) to absorb heat and moisture from the air in the house. Heat exchange takes place in the evaporator coils (the part that is frozen). When warm air passes through these cold refrigerant coils, they absorb enough heat to prevent them from freezing.

And the accumulated moisture will settle on the freezer coils, so the unit will freeze. You can correct some of the factors that cause poor airflow.

Dirty, clogged air filters. The air filter needs to be checked and replaced.

Return holes blocked. Make sure no curtains or furniture are blocking the openings. Keep objects at least 60 cm away from return vents to ensure proper airflow.

Closed vents. Keep all vents open, even those located in rooms or unused areas.

In other cases, you may need the help of a professional to check the system and can identify the following conditions causing low airflow:

wrong sized ducts

Dirty evaporator coils

Refrigerant leaking

An air conditioning system requires a certain amount of special substance to work effectively. But over time, wear on the coils can cause it to leak, and when there is not enough of it in the system, the temperature of the refrigerant coils drops and eventually icing occurs.

One way to detect if a refrigerant leak is occurring is to detect the presence a hissing sound anywhere along the coils of the refrigerant coil.

Unfortunately, if a refrigerant leak occurs in the air conditioner, you will need a specialist who can fully inspect the system and diagnose the indoor unit located inside the house and outdoor (i.e. outdoor) outside. Only licensed technicians can handle the refrigerant as this chemical is toxic. A professional will locate the leak and repair it, then recharge the system with refrigerant. If you need help with heat pump repair around me, call us right now!