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Can't change the heat on electric stove

Issue description:

Why is the heating on the electric stove not regulated? At the beginning, you need to make sure that it is the closets that do not heat, the causal factor can be in the outlet and in the dishes in which food is prepared (for example, dishes with a concave bottom, not for electric stoves). If, nevertheless, the matter is in the stove itself, then the reasons are as follows:

The heating mode switch (that is, the power switch of the burners) is broken (or on the verge of breakdown).

The heating element may be out of order, has already burned out, or on the verge of a heating element.

There may be a problem in the wiring that directly connects to the burner, it is possible that the wire is either completely disconnected from the burner, or partially.

Can't change the heat on electric stove


Incorrect operation of the electric stove can lead to such a problem; the burners cannot be turned on at full power all the time. Defective heating elements are not repaired, most often they are simply replaced with new ones. If you need help with stove repair around me, call us right now!