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Clothes aren't dry after automatic timed cycle in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Extend the drying cycle time. If the drying time is shorter than the amount of laundry, increase it.

All programs can automatically detect the weight of the laundry for more efficient drying.

We recommend using automatic drying when the load is less than 3 kg.

Change the drying program to maximum

If the "Ironing" drying program is selected, the drying performance will be poor. It is recommended to change the program to the maximum one.

Clothes aren't dry after automatic timed cycle

Problem solution:

Tips to improve the drying efficiency of your laundry:

Check the washing machine and its connections

Make sure the cold water tap is open. Drying requires the use of cold water. Therefore, if cold water is not supplied, the laundry will not dry out. Make sure the cold water tap is turned on.

Check the drain hose connection

Make sure the drain hose is installed with a U-piece and that the end of the drain hose is not submerged in water.

Check that the drain hose is at the rear the parts of the washing machine are connected correctly and the water drains well.

If you connect a drain hose longer than 3 meters, the draining and drying performance may be reduced. If you need help with dryer repair, call us right now!