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Clothes dryer takes too long to dry

Issue description:

The tumble dryer takes a long time to dry the laundry, the drying quality is poor, how can this problem be solved? Causes:

Load of laundry exceeded

Clogged air filter

The exact cause of the malfunction can be determined by an authorized service technician during diagnostics.

Clothes dryer takes too long to dry


The load for drying the laundry has been exceeded. Remove some of the laundry.

Depending on the model type, take care and clean the filters.

Remove the air filter (only for models with heat pump) and rinse it under running water, using a brush if necessary. Then dry and reinsert. You can find out if your car has an air filter and where it is located from the instructions for the washing machine.

If the problem persists, call the wizard of an authorized service center, who will diagnose and repair. If you need help with dryer repair near me, call us right now!