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Cooker hood downdraft vent doesn't shift down

Issue description:

Power outage, on / off switch problem, or faulty fan motor. What can impede ventilation when pressing the up and down button? Power outage, on / off switch problem, faulty fan motor.

Cooker hood downdraft vent doesn't shift down


To check if the outlet is receiving power, turn on the fan. If the fan is not working, check the circuit breaker at home. If the circuit breaker trips, reset it and check for increased ventilation.

Check the position of the ignition switch piston. If the piston is not touching the bottom of the vent button diaphragm, loosen the bolts holding the up / down switch and slide the switch up until the vent button diaphragm contacts the piston. Replace the switch cover and turn on the ventilation.

If the on / off switch position is correct, turn off the auxiliary fan and check the continuity of the on / off switch with a multimeter. If you are not measuring continuity with the on / off switch when replacing the purge button, replace the on / off switch. If you need help with home range hood repair, call us right now!

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