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Cooker hood electronic control module fails in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The control board is an electronic unit that operates in a key mode. Keys are relays. Most often they are installed in the amount of four pieces, each of which is powered from 24 volts.

Three elements control the engine speed, and the fourth switches the light on and off. To test the relay, you need to disconnect the control board and supply the necessary power to the relay from another source.

The performance of the elements for closing and opening contacts is checked by a tester. If they work without interruptions, the next step is to check the semiconductor elements of the board.

You can test the microcontroller device only on special equipment, which is possible only in a service center. You can replace the board yourself. To determine that the problem is in the control unit, it is necessary to turn on the built-in hood. It will work, but your commands will not be executed.

Cooker hood electronic control module fails

Problem solution:

Expensive models of hoods are often equipped with a touch control system. Repairing the sensor at home is impossible, therefore, the entire control unit is often replaced. If you need help with affordable range hood repair, call us right now!