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Cooker hood motor produces a distinct humming noise

Issue description:

Signs of a problem in the hood motor:

The hood itself is working properly, the lights are on, all modes are working, everything is superb.

When the traction is turned off, it starts to hum, as if the engine wants to spin, but cannot.

It can hum like immediately after switching off, after a while it will start buzzing itself or sometimes starts to hum when we turn on the light in the toilet.

The humming may stop by itself.

Cooker hood motor produces a distinct humming noise


May hum due to imbalance. An oily coating has formed on the impeller and may imbalance the balance. Remove the impeller and wash off the deposits. Or the bearings have become unusable.

If it is possible to press the spoke into the center of the rotor (rotating part) and the hum stops, then the bearings are probably to blame. It didn't hurt to clean the surface of the blades.

We need to look at the contacts of the electromagnetic starter. They could get burnt and some do not disengage when turned off. If you need help with immediately range hood repair, call us right now!