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Cooktop cracked glass top in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Damage to the surface occurs due to improper use of household appliances:

From a sharp and strong impact with a heavy object (for example, a full pan), a chip appears, from which cracks occur.

Such breakdowns are typical for glass ceramics.

From a point impact a sharp object (knife).

If all the burners on the hob are turned on at full power and are used for a long time, the glass overheats and bursts with a crack, cracks spread over the entire surface.

When dishes are placed on an unclean, sticky plate and cook food, then under the influence of heat it sticks to the coating. It is possible to tear it off only with a piece of glass ceramics.

It is difficult to remove escaped and burnt jam from the panel. Sugar penetrates into the structure of the glass-ceramic surface. When cleaning the pollution, it is damaged, chips are formed.

Cooktop cracked glass top

Problem solution:

If the hob is cracked, it is recommended to follow safety measures: do not use cooking equipment; do not touch metal utensils with wet hands - there is a possibility of getting an electric shock; do not try to repair the device yourself, so as not to cause a short circuit. A qualified technician is called in to fix the problem. The most likely outcome is the replacement of the hob. If you need help with high end cooktop repair, call us right now!