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Cooktop creates sparks when turned on in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The most common cause of ignition stuck is banal moisture. For example, if you washed the stove, and after that the gas hob began to click, this is definitely your option. Water drops fall on the power button (it can be separate or built into the gas adjustment knob), the electrical circuit is closed, and the spark goes on constantly. What to do?

Cooktop creates sparks when turned on

Problem solution:

The simplest solution to the problem is to wait for the water to dry. If the clicks annoy or scare you, simply unplug the stove from the mains. Usually several hours are enough for drying.

Problems manifested by a jammed electric ignition are almost always associated with the ignition button. Rather - with buttons. Since they are connected in parallel in the circuit, a problem with one of the buttons leads to the fact that all the burners sparkle at once. In this case, disassemble the electric ignition button and remove moisture. Unfortunately, most types of stoves require the removal of the cover and a fairly thorough disassembly of the gas unit. It is better to trust such work to the master.

If oxidation of the contacts occurs: because of this, the circuit is closed and the auto-ignition clicks. You will need to disassemble the buttons and clean the contacts.

If soot or other dirt gets into the electric ignition button, because of which the contact "stuck", you need to disassemble the buttons, clean them of grease, dirt, soot. Cleaning of the button seat is also often required. Otherwise, it is possible that the button will be pressed by itself due to a higher landing than it was constructively planned.

If the autoignition unit fails, it will need to be replaced. If you need help with urgent cooktop repair, call us right now!