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Cooktop display flashing in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The reason for the flashing of the hob is either a voltage drop or melting of the heating element, which occurs due to frequent heating during operation of the stove.

Cooktop display flashing

Problem solution:

Before starting to study a malfunctioning stove, it is worth checking the voltage in the outlet to which it is connected. Due to the load on the contacts, they can burn out. Also inspect the plug and wire. If the elements are damaged, they must be replaced.

If you intend to carry out repairs yourself, turn off the power and disconnect the panel from the table top. The wiring diagram or any part of the circuit may be damaged. It is worth using an indicator screwdriver or a multimeter to detect damage.

If your hob starts blinking, it is very easy to deal with this phenomenon. When the panel itself is flashing, it is necessary to check the wires through which the voltage is transmitted.

To eliminate the problem of the heating element melting, the wire is soldered back. This requires a soldering iron. If the electrical heater is found to have melted or burned out, replace it entirely. If you need help with affordable cooktop repair, call us right now!