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Cooktop shuts off while cooking in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

You can often observe how the hob turned off at the most inopportune moment. Long warm-up and other malfunctions that become unusual require professional intervention. Regardless of why the hob turns off, you should disconnect the appliance from the mains.

If the electric hob switches off, the most likely reason for the hob malfunction is the activation of the function of keeping the leading components working. When the thermal protection is triggered, the stove will not work, because the system will understand the current state as overheating. Otherwise, the hob will require appropriate repair or replacement of expensive parts.

A break in the power supply circuit that accompanies the activation of the protective function may be caused by breakdowns of the hotplate temperature controller, control touch panel or fan of the standard cooling system. Modern plates are equipped with network overload protection systems. In this way, the leading components of the hob, such as the hob and other parts, are protected from destruction or deformation. This can be caused by short circuits or multiple overcurrents, which will turn off the hob.

A protection operation that shuts off the induction hob can be the action of an RCD on the site or a fuse. Until the reasons for which protection was activated, the equipment will not turn on.

Cooktop shuts off while cooking

Problem solution:

The sensor or mechanical command transmission board is the center of the system. When there is a suspicion of a stove breakage, the first thing to do is to disconnect the device from the network and check the control board last. The budget for replacing the module is the largest of the above, it will be quite difficult to diagnose with the arsenal of a home wizard.

If the main board fails, the backlight may go out, the operating modes may go out or spontaneous shutdown. If such defects are found in the work, it is worth contacting the masters of the service center for the repair of household appliances. If you need help with cooktop repair, call us right now!