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Coolant shortage in refrigerator

Issue description:

The equipment of the installation is selected and installed correctly, the adjustment of the regulators is within the normal range. Normal operation of the refrigeration unit is possible only if the amount of refrigerant charged into it corresponds to the parameters of the unit and the conditions of its operation.

It is possible to determine if there is a depressurization of the system using a manometer. Pump liquid nitrogen into the freon line to the maximum allowable pressure. Monitor the pressure gauge without turning on the refrigerator. If the pressure drops, there is a crack or breakage.

You can visually find the place of refrigerant leakage. During evaporation, it cools down strongly, frost, snow, ice accumulate at the leak point. You can find a crack in this way on the evaporator, capillary tubes, connections. In order to inspect the entire system, you will need to remove the plastic inside the main and freezer compartments.

Coolant shortage in refrigerator


Whatever the reason for the lack of refrigerant in the system, you must eliminate it before charging the system. For this it is better to get a professional licensed technician. If you need help with high end refrigerator repair, call us right now!