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Damaged electric coils on the cooktop

Issue description:

The role of the primary winding is played by an inductor through which a high-frequency current flows. The secondary winding is nothing more than the bottom of the dishes, in which, when exposed to an alternating magnetic field, the same currents arise as in the coil. Due to this, a strong heating of the metal occurs.

The surface area of ??both coils (and they are structurally flat) should be as equal as possible.

Only in this case, a balance of energy transfer is ensured. What is it for? In empty space (above the inductor), eddy currents are idle. "Excess" energy of the magnetic field begins to overheat the primary coil. In addition, the excess temperature load is transferred to the output stages of the high frequency generator. If the cooling radiators fail, the circuit will fail and the induction cooker components need to be repaired.

Damaged electric coils on the cooktop


We carefully examine the spirals of the induction coils. They should not have cracks, touches between the turns, foreign conductive objects.

Together with the coils, we inspect the temperature sensors. It is quite difficult to check them without an electrical circuit, but they work on the principle of a thermistor. When heated, the resistance should change (again, a multimeter is useful). Then we test the serviceability of the connecting wires from the induction coil to the generator. We check the circuits with a multimeter. If a malfunction is found, we replace the broken induction coil. If you need help with cooktop repair San Jose, call us right now!