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Dirty water from water heater in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

It often happens that before purchasing a boiler, there was no particular rust from the tap, but after that it becomes literally impossible to take a shower, the water is dirty.

The main reason for rust in the boiler is the dissolved iron in the water. Due to prolonged heating, it oxidizes and precipitates into a rusty sediment. Some of this rust leaves through the tap, and some settles on the walls. Tap water is partially purified by city installations, but they do not always give a 100% result at high iron concentrations. This is evidenced by a yellowish coating on enamel and metal surfaces: bathtub, sinks, toilet bowl. Transparent water containing dissolved iron reacts with oxygen and iron is oxidized, gradually settling on plumbing fixtures and heating devices.

Outside the city, it is easier to catch dissolved iron: just pour it from a well into a jar or other transparent container and leave it open overnight outside. If after 12 hours the water becomes cloudy and becomes yellowish or brownish, it will mean the presence of dissolved ferrous iron.

Dirty water from water heater

Problem solution:

How to remove rust from a boiler - methods and recommendations.

As in many other cases, it is best to prevent the situation. Namely, to find out in advance if there is iron in the water. Signs of its presence in water from various sources are listed earlier. If it was found, the installation of a main filter can protect the boiler from rust. A highway is an entrance pipe through which water enters an apartment or house. Being installed on it, the filter does not let harmful impurities not only into the boiler, but also into the drink, on the skin, as well as on plumbing and on various appliances.

unique sintering technology. The titanium cartridge does not need to be replaced, just clean it occasionally.

How a titanium filter cleans rust in a boiler

Oxidized iron (rust) is retained by the filter pores, and dissolved iron, falling on the filter surface, reacts with titanium dioxide and precipitates. The resulting iron oxides, in turn, also remain on the filter element.

In addition to iron, the titanium filter also purifies manganese, ammonia, radon, general indicators of color and turbidity, nitrates. The latter is especially important in suburban conditions.

How to remove rust that is already in the boiler

In this case, before installing the filter, you will have to first get rid of the stubborn rust. There are two main ways: mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical means disassembling and removing the boiler and further cleaning by hand. The disadvantage of the method is the difficulty for a layman. It is recommended to be performed by specially trained people.

Chemical - special reagents are added to the container that dissolve rust. You can try the most harmless reagent - citric acid. The main thing is to properly rinse the tank after cleaning.

After cleaning the boiler, in order to avoid repeated manipulations, it is recommended to install a main filter. If you need help with immediately water heater repair, call us right now!