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Dishes aren't properly dried in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Why the dishwasher doesn’t dry: with a "turbo" type drying, the fan blows cold, not hot air; with condensation drying there is no water evaporation. In any case, the dishes will be damp at the exit, so failures with drying are similar to malfunctions due to which the PMM does not heat the water. Below we will look at the main faults, which will help to understand why the dishwasher does not dry dishes.

Dishes aren't properly dried

Problem solution:

Fan and relay out of order.

In turbo-dried dishwashers, the fan blows hot air onto the dishes, so they dry out. If the device breaks, the dishes remain wet. You can find out about this if you do not hear the sound of the fan or if you hear strange noises during the drying process. The fan needs to be replaced.

Heating element defective

The dishes will remain wet and dirty if the water is not heated. This happens when the heating element fails. In most modifications, a standard heating element is installed, in others - a flow heater. The part is responsible for water heating and drying. It can burn out due to the presence of lime deposits. The problem is solved by replacing the burned-out heating element with a new one.

Low voltage in the network

When the dishes are drying, the dishwasher uses more electricity. With a low voltage in the network (less than 200 V), the air does not warm up enough, therefore the drying is of poor quality.

Control board failure

If the control module breaks down, the machine will not dry the dishes at all. It acts as the “brain” of the entire device, which is responsible for all functions. The module issues software commands to all nodes. The board is inside the door. Only a master can accurately determine the presence of a problem with the electronic part of the dishwasher. It is not worth doing diagnostics on your own without skills and tools. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse, you can completely disable the machine. As a rule, the board is reflashed or replaced with a new one.

Heater and thermal sensor

The sensor measures the temperature of the water. The data is sent to the control board, which commands the heating element to heat or dry. The unit is located in the opening of the chamber where water is collected. There is often a turbidity sensor located here. If the temperature sensor fails, the dishwasher control board does not receive the necessary information. Accordingly, the heating element will not receive a command, and the machine will not dry and wash properly. It will leave streaks on the dishes. The sensor is replaced with a new one. To do this, remove the wires and carry out repairs. Performance is verified by tests in operating modes. If you need help with emergency dishwasher repair, call us right now!