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Dishes don't get clean in dishwasher in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Visual signs of improper cleaning are food debris on the surface of the plates, dirty deposits or white stains. There can be several reasons for poor-quality washing of tableware:

negligent attitude to timely preventive cleaning of parts

improper operation of the dishwasher - the owners do not read the instructions and ignoring the requirement that only special detergents are used for dishwashers. In most cases, the cleaning quality of the dishes deteriorates gradually and almost imperceptibly. As a result, there comes a moment when the dishwasher stops doing its job normally. If the dishwasher does not wash the dishes well, what should I do? Below we will consider in detail how to get rid of such a malfunction.

Untimely cleaning of dishwasher parts Perhaps this is the main reason for poor performance. If you do not monitor the technical condition of the unit, over time it will cease to function. The following parts require regular inspection and cleaning from dirt, scale, plaque and food debris:

filter element inside the dishwasher

mesh inlet filter for coarse cleaning of tap water

rocker-spray nozzles

walls of the chamber in which it is washed all utensils.

Consequences of improper use One of the most common mistakes is the incorrect loading of utensils into the washing baskets. Careless attitude to the rules of the arrangement of dishes can play a cruel joke with the owner.

Problems associated with detergents The choice of low-quality detergent and the wrong dosage of household chemicals are also factors that lead to a deterioration in the quality of work. For example, this phenomenon is observed in cases where the detergent was replaced with a cheaper product or low-quality tablets.

Dishes don't get clean in dishwasher

Problem solution:

The parts that require a weekly cleaning procedure are the filter and mesh, located in the bottom of the chamber, next to the spray arm. These filter elements allow you to use water at least twice (in order to save it), for which it cleans it of food residues, dirt and debris.

Cleaning the filler mesh filter is not necessary as often as the main filter element. It is necessary to check and wash away rust and small particles exfoliating from rusty pipe surfaces from the mesh at least once a month.

The instructions attached to each PMM model describe the rules for laying tableware, which must be strictly observed - only in this In case, the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the dishwasher.

Insufficient amount of rinse aid and detergent will lead to deterioration in the cleaning quality of the kitchen utensils. Therefore, household chemicals should be dosed according to the instructions supplied with the dishwasher. If you need help with home dishwasher repair, call us right now!