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Dishwasher air gap overflowing water in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

When you turn on your dishwasher, water starts to erupt. After removing the cap, you will likely find that it is dirty and moldy.

How to prevent water from entering the silver cap and what is it for? There is a hole that allows water to enter when, for example, I wash the dishes. Is there a valve that needs to be shut off to prevent water being thrown out when using the dishwasher?

Dishwasher air gap overflowing water

Problem solution:

Dishwasher draining the air gap. It is located above the maximum full water level to prevent gray water from the sink from entering the dishwasher if the P-trap ever closes and you try to empty a full sink.

If water erupts or leaks from the overflow holes in the lid, the leak from the air gap to the sink drain is clogged (especially if it is configured to be dumped into a waste disposal, food accumulation, bioslim growth device) or the device is faulty and needs to be replaced. If you need help with dishwasher repair around me, call us right now!