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Dishwasher doesn't start

Issue description:

Why can the dishwasher stop and turn off?

There can be several reasons why the device may start and stop:

the wrong washing mode is selected

the machine does not draw water due to problems with its supply

if the machine immediately turned off after starting the program, maybe a problem in the socket or plug of the cord

clogged with food debris or glass fragments the main pump

thermostat out of order

heating element burned out

work blocked by a broken float switch

water spray out of order (clogged with lime bloom)

the intake channel begins to clog.

Dishwasher doesn't start


Door not closed

Naturally, no sink will start when the door is not closed. Check if you closed the door tightly: if visually everything is in order, inspect the lock. Read more about the causes of problems with the door and how to solve them in our article "The dishwasher door does not close".

Poor water supply

If there is a lack of water or poor pressure, the dishwasher control module may decide that there is no point in continuing washing, and will stop her. There are a great many reasons that can lead to poor water supply: poor pressure in the water supply system or the valve is generally closed, the inlet hose is pinched, the inlet filter is clogged or the filling valve is faulty, the water level sensor is broken, the circulating pump responsible for water supply is out of order.

Filter clogged

Tap water in our country is rarely absolutely clean. Various impurities, sand, rust and other debris are regularly supplied to our houses and apartments along with water. These contaminants can damage the PMM, so all manufacturers provide in advance to protect their products from dirt. It is performed as an input filter. Its mesh retains all the debris on itself, but after a while it can completely clog up and block the flow. Quite often, a hum is heard, and the wash does not start. In dishwashers, it is located on the inlet hose where it connects to the body. Accordingly, you need to unscrew it, having previously shut off the water supply on the riser.

External problems with the water supply

Problems arise not only because of the breakdown of the dishwasher, but also because of interruptions in the water supply. The water supply may be absent both in the water supply system itself and in the inlet hose. A closed tap will also prevent the use of an automatic sink.

Problems with the door

The door of the dishwasher has a complex structure and problems with it are not uncommon. There may be several reasons for the inoperability due to this:

the locking mechanism is broken and the door cannot close completely. Because of this, the sensor does not work and the device does not start

the door lock is broken

the closing sensor does not work

Failure of the pressure switch

The volume of water poured into the dishwasher is monitored by a special device - the pressure switch. It is through him that the control board gives commands to start and end the water supply. If it does not work correctly, then either the tank overflows and the "aquastop" is triggered, or the water flow does not start at all.

Control module breakdown

The control board is a complex electronic device consisting of several relays and many radio components. If at least one element fails, then the dishwasher may either not turn on at all, or start to work incorrectly, up to the failure of the water supply.

Due to the complexity of this unit, it is better to entrust the diagnosis to a specialist. To correctly determine the cause of the breakdown, you will need not only special equipment, but also experience in performing such work.

Water spray

This part can also be called a sprinkler, impeller or rocker. Most models have two of them - an upper and a lower one, but some have another one - the middle one.

They are a plastic element similar to a propeller or helicopter blades, in which there are holes for supplying water under pressure. The most common problem with sprinklers is clogged nozzles.

Problems with the electronics

A defective control board is a serious breakdown. In this case, the technique either does not turn on at all, or it does not work properly. The module may break after a water leak. For example, during transportation, you did not remove the remaining water from the car, and it ended up on the board. Power surges also affect the electronics.

Detergent dispenser

Choosing the right detergent is essential for the machine to function properly. Manufacturers usually indicate detailed recommendations in the instructions, but on average gels and tablets dissolve worse than powder.

Remains of detergents reduce the quality of washing, clog the dispenser and can lead to jamming of the valve.

It is very easy to check this - just open the door and try to open the compartment manually. It can open, but it is tight and, as it were, with hindrances. In this case, thoroughly clean all parts. If you need help with dishwasher repair San Jose, call us right now!