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Dishwasher door doesn't latch

Issue description:

The reason for the lack of fixation is usually mechanical failure. The door locking mechanism consists of a tension cable, a spring, a door closer and a hinge. When the door opens, the hinge pulls on the cable, which stretches the spring. In the normal state, the door's own weight is sufficient to keep it open. All details are compensated and hold the door. If the door falls, it means that some of the elements of the mechanism is broken or stretched.

If the door, on the contrary, closes by itself, it means that:

the mechanism is not adjusted, the spring is too tight

to compensate for the spring force, a heavier front is needed: for built-in dishwashers, it is designed for the weight of the door, taking into account the weight of the furniture front

this is a normal situation: when opening less than 30 degrees, the door should close, this is provided by the manufacturers of most machines

More one variant of the malfunction - the door is not fixed in the closed state, which is why the dishwashing cycle does not start. This is a sign of a breakdown of the locking device: the "brain" of the machine does not see that the door is closed. For some models, the corresponding error code is displayed on an electronic display.

Why the door of a new machine does not lock

Most dishwashers are built into kitchen sets. A facade is hung on a metal door so that it does not differ in appearance from the rest of the kitchen furniture doors. Manufacturers usually write in the accompanying documents what the maximum weight of the facade can be attached to the door so that it works correctly. The mass should be between 2 and 7 kg. It is not necessary to exceed this value, otherwise the mechanism will not withstand and break.

When installing new equipment or furniture, the master must check how the lock works. If the dishwasher door does not hold, then you need to adjust the mechanism, check the spring tension.

Dishwasher door doesn't latch


What to do if the door does not lock. If the sash initially closed, opened and remained in the desired position, and then suddenly stopped fixing, this means that the dishwasher needs adjustment or repair. A sign of a breakdown is not only the lack of fixation, but also difficulty in opening or closing.

This happens when the machine is installed or used incorrectly, too abruptly opening or closing the machine. If you look at it, you may notice deformation, distortion, loose or uneven connection to the body.

The door may have bent hinges or hinges. When the door is suddenly opened and dropped, the springs stretch or break out of their place, the cables fray, the plastic holders burst. The lifting mechanism must be inspected, the problematic element must be found and replaced. Sometimes the entire mechanism needs to be replaced. You can do it yourself, but it is better to invite a professional repairman. He will find the problem, replace the broken part, adjust the operation of the entire mechanism. If you need help with affordable dishwasher repair, call us right now!