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Dishwasher has no water in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

You can cope with many problems that prevent water from entering the dishwasher.

Errors in connecting to the water supply

Problem with the Aquastop system

Clogged filter

Need to change inlet valve

Broken door

Need to repair water sensor

Defective control unit

Dishwasher has no water

Problem solution:

The system by which the dishwasher is connected to the water supply usually has a tap-valve that allows you to turn off the water when necessary. It is placed on a pipe that connects to the machine itself. It is worth checking this tap - it may be closed or faulty: Move the valve to a different position, try to turn on the water supply to the machine again.

Check if the rotation of the valve is impeded or leaking.

When turning on the machine, check if water flows through the pipe before and after the valve (noise, vibration of the pipe or hose indicates that water is passing).

If a breakdown is detected, the valve must be replaced.

Most dishwashers are equipped with the Aquastop system, which protects against leaks in case of malfunctions. Its failure or operation for any reason can block the water supply to the dishwasher. When Aquastop is triggered, the solenoid valve closes the hose. It cannot be repaired or restored, it can only be replaced.

If everything is in order with the hose, it is worth checking the inlet filter. It prevents large particles from entering the machine. If the water is too hard, the filter mesh gradually becomes clogged. To check, you need to:

shut off the valve

disconnect the hose from the dishwasher body

remove the filter mesh, remove the blockage, if any

An important element of the machine involved in the water supply is the inlet valve. Under pressure, it opens and allows you to fill the dishwasher with water, it closes during washing. The valve can burn out or wear out due to constant changes in water or voltage. It is not always possible to identify this problem on your own, but if damage is visually visible when unscrewing the hose, most likely the reason is in the valve. The intake mechanism cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

The dishwasher will not start until the door is locked. If it is not tightly closed (the lock has not latched, and it cannot be locked), or the locking mechanism is out of order, water will not be collected. Check if something is preventing the door from closing tightly. The locking mechanism itself could be clogged. Replacing the lock is done as follows:

disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply

unscrew the front door panel, remove the supply wires from the lock

unscrew the screws holding the lock, remove it

screw the new lock in place of the old one, connect the wires

install the front panel back, check the lock. Replacing the lock yourself is dangerous, it is better to entrust it to the master

Pressostat is a special sensor, which is equipped with all dishwashers. It reacts to changes in water pressure, due to which the control unit regulates its supply. It is impossible to repair the pressure switch, it will have to be replaced.

The dishwashers are equipped with a control module, which is a motherboard. It is connected to all systems of the device to which it issues software commands, for example, "lock the door" or "drain water". And the various washing programs are a combination of the actions of the control unit. If a software or hardware malfunction appears in it, the machine may stop drawing water. In this case, repair or replacement of the unit is required. Self-diagnosis of such a problem is difficult. Repair of the control unit involves soldering work that can only be performed by a qualified technician. If you need help with dishwasher repair around me, call us right now!