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Dishwasher keeps filling up

Issue description:

The dishwasher is pouring water: what to do?

For the uninterrupted operation of equipment, a careful attitude is not enough. It is necessary to follow the rules for operating the device and carry out diagnostic procedures for troubleshooting strictly according to the schedule. The problem appears due to an untimely diagnosis. The tank fills up constantly, and some of the liquid flows out of it. The user will learn about this by a sound signal or a breakdown code displayed on the display.

What to do if an overflow is detected? When you identify the problem, close the tap (shut-off valve). Then start the drain or drain off the water manually, for which use the emergency hose, directing it from the dishwasher into the basin.

Reasons for overflow:

Breakage of the water level sensor. Sensor damage can be caused by power surges, which can lead to burnout. The task of the level switch (the second name of the part) is to control the water level in the dishwasher. When the hopper is filled with the required volume of liquid, the sensor transmits a signal to the module (low level - continue intake, high level - stop). The board informs the inlet valve about this, it closes, stopping the water intake. If the overflow sensor transmits incorrect information to the board, water is collected constantly.

Another, more rare, cause of malfunction is a malfunction of the control module. In this case, a firmware or software update is required. If these measures do not help, a complete board replacement may be required. To be 100% sure that the module is damaged, you need to observe the technique. Her work can go on as usual, but a number of programs will not be available.

Malfunction of the intake valve. In this case, the part can report the correct data to the module, but for some reason not stop the water intake. Just the same stopping the water supply is the main purpose of this part.

Violation of the rules for installing the device and improper connection is a rare, but quite possible reason. If you decided to save on installation costs and carried out such work for the first time, there may be a risk of violation of the installation rules.

Dishwasher keeps filling up


It is required to check the sensor for serviceability and, if necessary, install a new one.

If the problem is in the operation of the control module, then you can accurately diagnose it only after checking with a tester - it is worth entrusting this task to an experienced master.

If there is a problem with the intake valve, it is worth replacing part, at the same time checking the pressure switch - these parts can fail in tandem. If you need help with emergency dishwasher repair, call us right now!