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Dishwasher leaking bottom of door in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the dishwasher has served you for several years, and suddenly began to leak from under the door, then the reasons for the breakdown may be as follows:

Displacement of the dishwasher. The solution to this problem is the correct installation of the device.

Defective lower spray. A crack appears in it, through which the jet is directed to the door, and water is dripped in. In this case, the defective mechanism must be replaced.

Contamination of the door seal with grease. Everything is solved by simple cleaning with a silicone spatula and a special detergent.

Deformation of the door seal. Banal replacement of the seal will save your assistant.

Pressostat malfunction. If the dishwasher leaks, the cause may be a breakdown of the water level sensor, which needs to be repaired or replaced.

Dishwasher leaking bottom of door

Problem solution:

The first thing to do if the dishwasher suddenly leaks is to identify the cause of the malfunction. As we have already found out, this can happen due to deformation of the rubber seal. This reason can be eliminated without involving a master, by trying to change the leaking seal with your own hands.

Before proceeding with the replacement of the gum, make sure that the machine is level. Now you need to remove the worn seal from the door. When inserting a new one, start with the fasteners and work your way to the ends of the rubber strip. Be careful! If the seal is stretched, leaks may resume after a while. If you need help with high-quality dishwasher repair, call us right now!