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Dishwasher makes noise

Issue description:

Strong hum and noise during the operation of the dishwasher should never be passed over on deaf ears. Such behavior of the device indicates the occurrence of certain malfunctions that must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Searching for the causes of strong noise

When starting to search for the reasons, make sure that you have enough knowledge and qualifications for such manipulations.

In any case, the search for the causes of breakdown is characterized by a certain algorithm:

checking the equipment for blockages. If necessary, we carry out cleaning of the machine and check the pressure in the water supply. If the pressure is not enough, you need to use a pump - dismantling and inspection of the circulation pump

study of the dishwasher pump

To clean the unit from accumulated debris, you must remove all dishes from the internal tank, remove the upper spray arm and adjacent components, and then clean it all from dirt. After that, the garbage filter is already being cleaned, which is most often subject to blockages.

Dishwasher makes noise


Damage to the circulation pump

Excessive noise from the dishwasher is very often caused by a malfunction of the circulation pump. The reason for this is a small thrust bearing in the form of a ring. This element wears out rather quickly. Daily use of the device will require replacement of the graphite bearing after about 2 years.

To eliminate the noise resulting from improper functioning of the circulation pump, you must:

disconnect the device from the power supply

unscrew the pallet, if it is provided by the equipment set

after once access to the pump is open, we disconnect the wires and pipes, after loosening the clamps a little

remove the pump and detach it from the pair of wires that are attached to it from the back.

Then follows the careful disassembly of the pump, disconnecting the heating elements from an electric motor. Do not forget that such work requires special care and accuracy, so if you are not sure that you can do it, do not do it yourself.

Malfunction of the drain pump

The source of the hum is the drain in the event that the machine starts to publish uncharacteristic for her, the sounds during the discharge of waste water. You can remove this item from the dishwasher after removing the pallet, disconnecting the hoses and electrical wires, and unscrewing the screws holding this pump. Pay special attention to the impeller when disassembling the pump. If it is slightly damaged or deformed, then it must be replaced. Take into account the delicacy and fragility of individual parts, be especially careful during repair work. If you need help with high end dishwasher repair, call us right now!