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Dishwasher soap not dissolving in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If you notice that some of the detergent remains in the dispenser compartment or the tablet does not dissolve in the dishwasher, it is better to immediately understand the reasons: this is not only a waste of quite expensive chemicals for dishwashers, but also a direct threat to health, since the powder does not dissolve may remain on the dishes after washing, where you may not even notice it.

Most of the reasons why detergent remains in the dishwasher can be completely eliminated by yourself. But sometimes it can also be caused by a malfunction of some parts of the machine, and then you will have to contact a specialist. Later in this article, we will explain why the powder remains in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher soap not dissolving

Problem solution:

Wrong detergents

The first thing you need to do is to look at the instructions and read exactly what detergents can be used in your machine: for example, cheap dishwashers may have certain restrictions on this, in particular, on tablets.

Naturally, it is better not to add powder that you have stored for a long time: it can harden and dissolve poorly. You shouldn't buy cheap powders: the dishwasher is a delicate organism, it may not like it. And, of course, none of us is immune from numerous fakes in beautiful packages and with names that are so similar to well-known brands.

Wrong washing program

If you are using the popular "3 in 1" tablets, make sure that the washing program you have chosen is not too short and ensures heating to a temperature not lower than 50 degrees: otherwise the tablet may simply not have time to dissolve.

Dispenser compartment blocked

If the dispenser compartment is blocked for some reason, powder from it, naturally, it won't wash out anywhere. First, make sure that the dishes are not blocking the compartment.

The dispenser lid is jammed

The jammed dispenser cover will not open during washing and the powder will not be washed out of the compartment. The reason may be mechanical damage, for example, deformation of the dispenser, or a malfunction in the control module: in this case, the lid will not open at all and the powder or tablet will remain intact.

Dispenser compartment clogged

Detergent can also be prevented from washing out freely clogging of the flow filter in the dispenser tray: you need to inspect the compartment and rinse it if necessary.

Dispenser compartment is wet

Before pouring powder into the dispenser tray, make sure it is dry: in the wet compartment, the powder will clump together and will not dissolve well during washing.


You may have just filled too much a lot of powder, more than the required wash program. At the next wash, try to reduce the dosage.

Poor water supply

If the water pressure in the machine is poor, the detergent will naturally not wash well. There are many reasons for this, from clogging of the inlet valve and sprinklers, to a breakdown of the recirculation pump - for a detailed overview, see our article the dishwasher does not collect water.

Thermostat or heating element has broken.

If any of the units responsible for heating the water has broken, this can lead not only to poor dishwashing, but also to problems with the dissolution of detergent, especially tablets. For diagnostics and repair in this case, special equipment and an experienced specialist are required. If you need help with urgent dishwasher repair, call us right now!