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Dishwasher white residue on stainless steel in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

For a long time your dishwasher has delighted you with the impeccable quality of washing, when suddenly, after another use, you notice that a strange white coating, stains, and stains remained on the dishes. This is very noticeable in non-stick (Teflon) pans. Perhaps you found the same plaque on the walls of the dishwasher itself. What is it? If a whitish coating remains on the dishes after the dishwasher, do not rush to call the service center. In most cases, you can fix the situation on your own.

Dishwasher white residue on stainless steel

Problem solution:

The water hardness setting is incorrect. The salt supply is set for too soft water. For high-quality washing, the dishwasher needs water with a low content of calcium and magnesium salts (the so-called "soft"). To obtain such water in dishwashers, regenerating salt is used, which is poured into a special water softener. It is important already at the first use to program the machine exactly for the water hardness in your water supply.

Out of salt to soften the water. For a while without salt, the machine can wash the dishes normally, but in the future, the formation of plaque is inevitable.

The dishwasher needs cleaning. In the course of long-term use:

food residues clog the pre- and fine filters that protect the drain pump from dirt

limescale deposits on the inside of the dishwasher

Clogged filters cause food residues after Instead of settling in filters, sinks are collected at the bottom of the dishwasher. Limescale narrows the holes in the spray arms, so the water pressure drops and the thickness of the jets on the dishes decreases. All this reduces the quality of dishwashing. In addition, limescale from the inside of the dishwasher can build up on the dishes as whitish streaks.

Regenerating salt has entered the washing chamber. This could have happened for the following reasons:

you spilled salt on the bottom of the dishwasher when you put it in the container

the salt compartment lid is not closed tightly, is twisted when closing, or a crack appears in it

you put salt in the powder compartment or rinse aid.

Problems with detergents: incorrect dosage, poor quality detergents, errors in loading detergents. A very common reason. White bloom can leave:

poor-quality detergent powder or too much when loading it

poor-quality rinse aid / no or little fabric softener

unsuitable or poor-quality detergent in the form of 3-in-1 tablets

loose closing of the lid of the rinse aid container - in this case the agent flows out even during the washing phase

errors when loading the rinse aid: it was poured in the wrong place, for example, with detergent

use of tablets for 3-in-1 washing in short programs (they just do not have time to dissolve completely). If you need help with dishwasher repair San Jose, call us right now!