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Dishwasher won't use detergent in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Technical malfunctions that provoke a poor intake of detergent.

Broken pump

If the pump-pump is faulty, the supply and pressure of water will suffer. Much less liquid gets into the case, which causes the indicated troubles. In fairness, I note that such failures are rare and can be determined by the absence of characteristic sounds after filling with water.

If the pump is in good working order, it emits a subtle hum. If you have experience, you can replace the pump yourself.

Thermostat is faulty

With such a fault, the water will not reach the required temperature, since it is this sensor that determines the degree of water heating and sends data to the program module. If the algorithm is violated, the heating element does not receive a command to heat and the dissolution of the cleaning agent is violated. The breakdown of the control board can also be noted. Without it, the main units, including the heaters, do not receive commands, which leads to malfunctions.

Problems with the heaters

An instantaneous water heater or a heating element - heating element - can be installed in the dishwasher. Their principle of operation is similar to that of a simple electric kettle. Taking into account the high hardness of water in most regions of the country, the heaters quickly become scaled.

If the heating element is faulty, there is no water heating in the machine, and the tablet does not dissolve in the cold. In addition, there can be such a thing as an actuator on the flow heater. He changes the flow of water from the bottom, then from the upper rocker. If it fails, the water flows off the two rocker arms without pressure. Plus, this is accompanied by a lack of heating. Only professional repair is possible here.

It should be borne in mind that ten is a consumable and over time it will require replacement anyway. To make this required less often, you cannot neglect the periodic cleaning of equipment from scale, the water hardness must be correctly specified in the machine settings.

Flow filter clogged

The cause of this trouble is most often the presence of food residues on the dishes. Therefore, before sending the plates to the basket, I advise you to clean them of all unnecessary things, which, by the way, is recommended by every dishwasher manufacturer. To check, you can remove the filter from the chamber.

In technology, it is placed on the inner bottom. Above it are the water spray arms and a heater. By the way, all these units can also be inspected for malfunctions and cleaned of all unnecessary (fat, scale). The filter is washed under running water using mild detergents. After cleaning, it is inserted into place.

Dishwasher won't use detergent

Problem solution:

If you see that the detergent remains in the tray, dry or slightly damp, it is better to check the following parameters:

dosage - you may be several times higher than the load and the detergent is much more than necessary

deformation - the tray could be damaged due to damage and obstacles - incorrectly loaded dishes prevent the detergent from falling out. The valve of the dosing compartment is blocked and does not allow a complete outlet of the product. An obstacle occurs when the flow-through filter becomes clogged with the remnants of poorly dissolved tablets and powders. The correct placement of the dishes and the cleaning of the ducts must be controlled during operation. If the shutter of the tray does not work, the problem can be worse: do not exclude the possibility of an electrical board failure. This question requires the participation of a professional technician - violation of operating rules - if you overlooked that the inner surface of the cuvette was wet before loading the tablet, it could stick to the bottom. Moisture in the dispenser is evil, so keep the compartment dry and the detergent used is not suitable for your particular dishwasher model or is of poor quality. For example, tablets stored in violation of the norms absorb moisture and harden. This already excludes complete dissolution. In addition, older or simpler models cannot provide conditions for the dissolution of combined detergents. Here, a certain temperature regime is simply not observed, which is necessary for the decomposition of each component. Therefore, they remain in the cuvette, and at the end of the wash cycle, these residues may fall on the already washed dishes

the washing program is incorrectly set. Check the instruction manual to make sure the tablet fits in the correct compartment - this time. In addition, when choosing a quick wash mode, keep in mind that the drug may not have time to dissolve due to lack of temperature and time, as in the situation with old cars - this is two

pressure in the water supply system. The decrease in pressure occurs due to blockage of pipes and other third-party factors. Here you need to consult a plumber. If you need help with immediately dishwasher repair, call us right now!