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Dryer button stuck

Issue description:

From temperature differences, the physical properties of materials change. With a large heat transfer during the execution of the program with the dryer, the handle heats up, as an element of the machine itself. Then it cools down. And so year after year. As a result, the material becomes brittle, and one day, trying to open the car door again, this very handle is in our hands. The door naturally remains closed. Why? Let's figure it out.

Dryer button stuck


1. In the device of the drying machine, special locking locks are used to lock the door during the program. Moreover, if the hatch is not closed, the drying program will simply not start. Consequently, the breakage of the door handle leads to the impossibility of using technology. Also, in some situations, the handle simply jams, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to open the hatch without a professional tool. Let's go further.

2. If you succeed, open the hatch door without damaging the locking mechanism and replace the handle. Do not try to glue it. Then it will break down unambiguously. You can go for the "light" option if you do not want to spend money on purchasing a new one. Just screw it to the hatch with self-tapping screws. But in this case, you can damage the seal. Let's go further.

3. If you apply more force when opening the hatch, if the handle is broken, you can damage the lock. The locking mechanism of the different manufacturers is designed reliably. But it can also fail. As a rule, the retainer fails. In other words, the latch mechanism will not be able to lock the door after an unsuccessful opening.

4. To exclude as much as possible "Broken handle", try to open the door as follows: your thumb is on the front panel, four fingers of your hand grip the handle from the inside. Pull the handle with your fingers. In this case, you do not need to pull the door towards yourself. After a little resistance, the door should open. If you need help with high-quality dryer repair, call us right now!