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Dryer cuts off after a short period

Issue description:

If the dryer shuts down during operation without completing its working cycle, there may be several reasons:

Incorrect connection of the device

Low or excessively high voltage in the mains

Defective socket

Malfunction in the device

Dryer cuts off after a short period


Incorrect connection of the device.

First of all, check if the device is correctly connected to the mains. Compare with the instruction manual for your tumble dryer. To make it work without interruptions, you must:

Connect the dryer without using adapters, extension cords, and power filters.

Voltage should not exceed 240 volts, and the frequency is 50 Hz., And not less than 190 volts

Use individual wiring with the desired cable characteristics.

If you think that your tumble dryer is not connected correctly, call the technicians who will quickly fix it.

Low or too high voltage.

If the voltage in the electrical network is unstable, it rises sharply and decreases, during the operation of the dryer, protective mechanisms are activated to turn off the device. Our experts will check the voltage in the network and, if necessary, will save you from this problem by recommending to purchase a filter against voltage surges. Voltage stabilizer.

It should be noted that during power surges, the program does not work or the process stops, showing an error code on the display.

Defective socket

To check the functionality, unplug the tumble dryer and connect any other electrical appliance.

If the device does not work, it is necessary to check the RCD (circuit breaker), which is installed in the apartment panel. You can also check the performance of devices in other outlets at home.

If the device has turned on, we recommend that you disconnect it and reconnect it to the outlet, then restart it. If the machine starts up, shoot down and reinstall the work program. If the dryer completed its program, there was probably a power failure. In this case, you can continue to use it.

If the dryer does not turn on, this indicates a faulty technique. In this case, you need to call a specialist to solve the problem. Our company is engaged in the urgent repair of dryers and other household appliances. Leave a request. In the near future, a specialist will arrive at the site to solve your problem. Do not do DIY repairs. This is fraught with an increase in the cost of the process. Complex technological equipment must be repaired by professionals. If you need help with home dryer repair, call us right now!