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Dryer does not turn on in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The tumble dryer switches off or does not start at all. The main reasons for the malfunction:

Thermal fuse. The sensor protects the equipment from overheating and is responsible for the normal operation of the heating element - the key heating element of the structure. The fuse is installed inside the electrical circuit, i.e. current passes through it constantly. If the part is overheated or burned out, the integrity of the circuit is broken, electricity does not flow to the heater. Unit failure - signal of air ventilation failure. The part cannot be repaired, only replaceable

Start switch. Its serviceability can be checked by turning on the dryer. If the equipment emits a low-frequency hum - the switch is working properly, the problem lies elsewhere. Zero reaction and absence of noise indicates a breakdown of the trigger mechanism

Door lock. In all modern dryers, before the drum starts to work, the door lock should work (characteristic click). The absence of a click indicates a circuit malfunction, and the bollard must be replaced

Drive (motor). The most serious reason, it is also the most expensive to maintain. The main hints of a malfunction are increased noise and extraneous sounds (possible clogging or damage to the impeller)

Input voltage. First of all, connect the device to another outlet and check the automation on the switchboard. If all else fails - call a specialist who will perform a diagnostic "continuity" of the circuit and identify the malfunction

Control panel. An extremely rare breakdown, which is determined by the residual principle (if the previous cases did not show a malfunction). The main reason is the failure of the microcontroller and the control circuit (voltage drop, short circuit, moisture on the board). Only element replacement helps.

Dryer does not turn on

Problem solution:

To correctly diagnose the breakdown of the dryer and determine the amount of work required and spare parts for repair, we recommend that you contact an authorized household appliance repair company. If you need help with home dryer repair, call us right now!