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Dryer drum spins but there is no heat

Issue description:

The tumble dryer rotates but there is no heat. Why can this happen and what can be done about it?

Dryer drum spins but there is no heat


The coil of the heating element may be cut off. Thermal protection has tripped. If the heat sensor detects too high a temperature, it will turn off the heating elements. Check the air circulation and that the impeller is secure. A specialist can check the heating element with a tester. Sometimes a separate thermal fuse is installed to turn off the heating elements if a faulty thermal overload switch fails. On some models, a thermal fuse completely shuts down the machine in the event of a short circuit.

Defective thermostat

Defective thermostat may not properly turn off the heating elements. Contact a workshop to check and replace it.

Defective heating element

The broken part of the spiral of the heating element, similar to the elements of some room heaters, is clearly visible. The technician can also check a suspicious heating element with a tester and, if necessary, replace it.

Clean the clogged filter

Heating elements with a closed coil, similar in principle to elements of an electric kettle, must also be checked and replaced by a specialist. If you need help with immediately dryer repair, call us right now!