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Dryer is getting too hot

Issue description:

Drying clothes should be good and of high quality, but it happens that sometimes the temperature rises very much in the dryer. The result of this drying can be from burnt clothes to a house fire.

If you suspect your dryer is generating more heat than it should, take the initiative to fix the problem. The most common mechanical problems in dryers are:

A defective heating element. Sometimes a defect in the heating element of an electric dryer can cause it to run out of control. This can happen when there is a partial short circuit in the element, which causes it to continuously produce heat, and not only when it is programmed.

Disruption of air flow. The dryers are provided with constant air exchange for efficient operation. Hot and humid air must constantly come out, and fresh air must be sucked in. If an obstruction in the ventilation system restricts air access, heat builds up in the drum. When this happens it is necessary to check the air ducts for foreign objects.

Sometimes a decrease in air flow may be the result of a mechanical problem rather than a disturbance in the ventilation system. This can happen if the blower fan breaks down. If it doesn't reach the right speed, it will be too hot in the dryer.

Bad thermostat. Most dryers have a thermostat (or thermistor) to keep the heat at the correct level. If the thermostat is faulty it can cause the dryer to start hot. Of course, it is possible that too cold air may appear in the drum, which will not dry out the laundry. In this case, there is only one solution - to replace the thermostat.

Seal. Most dryers consist of a felt seal between the ends of the drum and the front and rear walls. It is designed to prevent clothing from getting caught between the drum and the wall when the drum is spinning. The seal also maintains the heat inside. When the material starts to wear out, heat can be transferred from the drum to the internal structure of the dryer. If this happens, the thermostat will interpret the loss of heat from the drum as a signal for more heating, and as a result, there will be a strong increase in the temperature in the dryer.

Dryer is getting too hot


This problem requires the involvement of a professional technician from an authorized organization. Repairing the dryer overheating yourself is dangerous. If you need help with home dryer repair, call us right now!