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Dryer is not spinning

Issue description:

If you are faced with the fact that the dryer does not spin the drum, we will help you determine and solve the cause of the malfunction.

Types of breakdowns and ways to eliminate them:

Overloading the laundry in the dryer. Most often, the drum of the dryer does not spin due to exceeding the permissible load rates. Increased wear of bearings, motor or belt begins. Never exceed the established limit. Ideally, load 0.5 kg less.

Uneven loading. The second major mistake is transferring the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer in a tangled ball. Most often, problems arise when loading bedding. The centering inside the drum is disturbed, it starts to "beat", the load on the engine or belt increases. The latter can break, and the motor can fail.

Software failure. Often because of children, who during the operation of the machine can press a few extra buttons and bring down the operating mode. We strongly recommend turning on the "child lock".

Clogged heat exchanger. Insufficient care of the machine after drying leads to clogging of the exchanger with pile, fluff, wool. The sensor does not recognize the air flow and does not start the program. Check the cleanliness of the device more often.

Neglect. Excessive force is applied when closing the door. As a result, the lock suffers, which fails and stops blocking the door. The tightness of the drying drum is broken and the start of the heating element is blocked. The problem is solved only in the service center.

Wear of the dryer drive beltPronounced wear. Over time, the drive belt loosens and stretches. To check if it works, try turning the drum manually. If it is too light - the belt has become unusable and needs to be replaced.

Failure of electronics. The central control unit can break down due to overloads, voltage surges, excessive load. Self-repair is not possible.

Dryer is not spinning


As you can see from the description of the reasons for stopping the dryer, most problems are solved exclusively by a professional technician. The dryer is classified as dangerous in terms of repairing household appliances. If you need help with high-quality dryer repair, call us right now!